Should I Get LANAP Laser Treatment for My Gum Disease?

Lanap Tucson, AZ

LANAP is one of several options for treating patients with gum disease. Other surgical procedures such as bone grafting or flap surgery require the dentist to cut into the gum tissues with a scalpel. LANAP, on the other hand, uses laser technology to clean the pocket and remove diseased tissue without cutting into healthy gums.

Overview of LANAP laser treatment

The LANAP protocol is a great alternative for most patients with gum disease. This procedure uses a special PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser to treat the gums without needing to make an incision. The laser targets the infection without affecting surrounding healthy gums and cleans pockets of tartar and plaque. Then the laser is used to close the pocket without requiring stitches or glue.

Can all dentists perform the LANAP protocol?

Only dentists and periodontists trained in it can offer this treatment. To be certified to perform the LANAP protocol, dentists have to go through comprehensive training at the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. The office also needs to have the correct equipment, including the PerioLase MVP-7 laser.

Dr. Chin at Casas Adobes Dentistry is one of the few Board-Certified LANAP protocol providers in the Tucson area. Dr. Chin received his Fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry

Who qualifies for LANAP surgery?

The technique is designed specifically to help patients with moderate or severe gum disease. Patients who only have minor gum disease may not need surgery at all and can look into nonsurgical treatments such as root planing and scaling. Candidates for LANAP should have pockets at least 5mm deep. Patients can learn if this treatment is the best option by consulting with the dentist after X-rays have been taken.

Pros and cons of LANAP

There are several pros and cons of laser surgery that patients should consider before choosing this treatment type for gum disease.


In general, the LANAP protocol is a much more comfortable option for patients than general surgery. Patients often experience minimal pain with the procedure and typically notice much less bleeding and swelling. While patients still need to be put under anesthesia for laser surgery, the recovery period is often less than 24 hours. Additionally, there is a smaller risk of infection and healthy gums should not be affected. Apart from being minimally invasive, the treatment also has the added benefit of being the only protocol thus far to be FDA cleared for true regeneration, which involves the redevelopment of deteriorated bones affected by gum disease.


There a few disadvantages patients should consider. Since not all dentists are certified to perform LANAP, it may be difficult to find a professional to perform the procedure. This treatment can be more expensive in situations where insurance does not provide coverage. Additionally, some individuals claim that there have not been enough studies on LANAP.


For patients with gum disease, LANAP can be an effective form of treatment. This is especially true for patients with deep gum pockets. While all individuals need to consider their particular circumstance, there are many benefits to laser surgery. A Board Certified LANAP protocol provider is near you in the Tucson area at Casas Adobes Dentistry. 

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