What Is an Implant Supported Bridge?

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An Implant supported bridge can provide you with a natural-looking and comfortable replacement for your missing teeth. These restorations are better than removable dentures. Dental implants make them strong. If you want to learn more about an implant supported bridge, here are the details.

What an implant supported bridge is

This type of restoration is for those who have at least two missing teeth. The dentist will place dental implants on each side of the bridge. The titanium rods serve as artificial tooth roots in the jawbone. This protects the jaw from bone loss. A stronger jawbone will give the implants and the bridge strong support. The number of titanium posts will determine the size of the bridge.

Why an implant supported bridge is better than a traditional bridge

An implant bridge has better benefits than the traditional one. It does not rely on existing natural teeth for support. Instead, it depends on the titanium rods in the jawbone. For this, the patient will need implant surgery. It needs two procedures with significant recovery time.

The first procedure is the implantation of the titanium rods. Then, the abutment follows after four to six months. Placement of the crown will be next after two weeks. This type of bridge does not need the dentist to file down the neighboring teeth on each side of the bridge. The stability of implant supported bridges will allow the individual to speak, smile, and eat without any problem.

The right candidate

An individual should have good oral health. There should be enough tissue in the jawbone to support the titanium rods. A sinus lift or bone graft will restore the bone mass in the upper jaw or bottom jaw if the person suffers from bone loss. Any sign of tooth decay or gum disease will need treatment first. The dental implant surgery will start when the patient’s teeth and gums are free of issues. A candidate with uncontrolled diabetes will not receive dental implants unless the condition is under control.

Materials for dental implants

A dental implant can have porcelain and titanium materials. The root part of the rod will go into the jawbone. The roots will fuse with the jawbone and heal. Only then will the dentist attach the abutment and crown. The dental implant will look natural because of the porcelain crown on top of the rod. These implants will help improve the look and function of a person’s mouth.

The materials for dental implants make an implant supported bridge more durable. This tooth replacement can last for the rest of a person’s life with proper care and maintenance. Regular visits to the dentist can clean the bridge better than daily brushing. It could remove plaque and tartar from natural teeth.

An implant supported bridge gives a strong, natural-looking dental restoration

Tooth loss is a common problem. Resolving it will need a stable tooth replacement. Its support depends on the strong dental implants on each side of the bridge. An appointment with your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for an implant supported bridge.

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