Tooth Replacement Options After a Visit to an Emergency Dentist

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If you have lost your teeth due to infection, age or accident, you may need to visit the emergency dentist to discuss tooth replacement options. Replacing a lost tooth promptly is important, not just for aesthetics, but also to limit bone resorption and restore full dental function. Once you visit the dentist for a consultation, they can begin to discuss effective options for replacing the missing tooth.

Tooth replacement options

The following are procedures available from an emergency dentist for replacing missing teeth:

Dental implants

A cosmetic dentist will probably recommend dental implants for single or multiple teeth replacements. Dental implants remain the only lasting way to restore a lost tooth. The procedure entails implanting a small titanium post inside the jawbone. Over several months, the jawbone fuses with the implants (osseointegration) to make it as secure as the natural tooth, allowing it to mimic the functions of a tooth root.

After osseointegration, the dentist will connect the dental crown to the abutment fixed to the implant. The final implant restoration looks natural and aesthetically pleasing and fits in with the remaining teeth. The procedure takes several months. Dental implants also stop bone resorption and preserve the volume of the jawbone.


This is an option for patients who want a quick and non-surgical method of tooth replacement. It is one of the oldest options available and still in use by many for convenience. Dentists use dentures to replace all or some of the teeth. A typical full denture set rests on the gum for support while hooks and wire secure partial dentures. Alternatively, patients can request a denture solution that is supported by dental implants as a stable and comfortable way to replace lost teeth.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are also a good choice for patients who have lost multiple teeth but cannot undergo a surgical procedure for dental implants. The dentist can create natural-looking bridges that fit in with the remaining teeth. For a successful procedure, the patient needs two strong, healthy teeth on both sides of the gap to support the bridge. They will function as the anchor to hold the bridges.

The anchor keeps the dental bridge stable and allows it to function almost like natural teeth. Patients can eat foods and talk confidently in public without feeling self-conscious. The drawback of the procedure is that it alters the teeth permanently. Patients considering different tooth replacement options need to ask about the pros and cons of each option from their dentist. They may recommend LANAP, a periodontal laser procedure that uses PerioLase, to restore damaged gums and loose teeth so they can be strong enough to support a dental bridge.

In conclusion

When a patient cannot use a dental bridge because of lack of teeth for support, their options come down to dental implants or dentures. The emergency dentist will carefully evaluate the condition of the existing teeth to see if there is a chance of them falling out. In such cases, it would not be advisable to place the dental bridge.

If you are missing a tooth, you need to visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible to begin the tooth replacement option. The dentist will review each option and help you with the decision.

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