Special Dental Implant Scalers To Prevent Scratching

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When a person first receives a dental implant, it is unlikely that they will need immediate hygiene appointments with a dentist. However, in the long term, these appointments are necessary and important. With the help of dentists and hygienists using special dental implant scalers, a person can have cleaner and healthier dental implants in the mouth. 

Avoiding scratching a dental implant with scalers

It can be difficult to know how to perfectly clean a dental implant  and its supporting fixtures. When implants are placed, most dentists recommend that the patient has routine cleanings with a hygienist to ensure that everything is maintained in good health. Dental implant scalers are commonly used by hygienists during these appointments.

Dental hygiene appointments are slightly different after dental implants are placed. Compared to natural teeth, implants require a bit more work when it comes to cleaning. There are more necessary tools such as a scaler and the hygienist has to be more careful due to working around the multiple fixtures.

Questions about scalers

Read on to find out how scalers are used to benefit patients with dental implants.

What do scalers do?

It is first important to understand what scalers do for dental implants. During a hygiene appointment, the hygienist can scrape the artificial tooth (implant and fixture) to remove any built-up resin or plaque. This technique is very similar to what would be done on a natural tooth during a hygiene or check-up appointment. However, the main difference with implant scalers is that these tools are designed to work on artificial materials, not natural teeth substances.

How are dental implant scalers different?

Dental implants are made of titanium and their abutments typically are as well. The implant and the abutment are not usually visible to the eye, being hidden by the artificial tooth, which is either a dental crown or fixed denture. A dental implant crown is made of ceramic materials, which can be very durable but also sensitive to damages too.

Dental implant scalers are designed to scrape and scale the artificial materials without scratching or damaging the surface. Scalers can also be used to debride film or bacteria from hard-to-reach areas beneath the implant crown. Some implant scalers are even made of titanium to avoid scratching or otherwise ruining the titanium structure of the implant itself.

Why is it important to clean an implant?

Dental implants require routine maintenance. They have to be cleaned and monitored to ensure that they function properly. While an implant cannot get a cavity, plaque and bacteria that builds up on it can spread to other teeth. It can also discolor the crown or denture. Both dentists and hygienists use implant scalers to ensure that a patient's dental health remains in good shape while also ensuring that the implants and fixtures look appealing to the eye.

Keeping dental implants hygienic

Want to know more about a special dental implant scaler and how it can prevent scratching? Talk to your dentist about your implant and the appropriate care for it.

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