Solutions From an Emergency Dentist for a Knocked-Out Tooth

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When a child’s tooth falls out, it is hardly a reason to contact an Emergency Dentist. However, a knocked-out permanent tooth is regarded as a dental emergency. Failure to seek treatment immediately reduces the chances of restoring the tooth and may pose a risk of infection around the socket of the affected tooth. If a tooth has fallen out or broken, you need to visit the emergency dentist immediately for diagnosis and treatment, which will help prevent further complications and keep the teeth healthy.

Solutions for a knocked-out tooth

The solution for a knocked-out tooth depends on the emergency dental situation, such as the extent of damage to the tooth. Some patients may experience symptoms such as pain, bleeding and swelling, while others may suffer no pain.

If the tooth is knocked out and patients can get the tooth and make it to the dental office in due time, it is possible to repair and reinsert the affected tooth. The chances of implantation are higher if the patient follows the tips listed below:

  • Avoid contact with the tooth root
  • Clean the tooth with milk or water
  • Carefully hold the tooth around the crown
  • Avoid cleaning the tooth with any fabric, which can damage the tooth
  • Try to restore the tooth back into its socket gently
  • If it is not possible to restore the tooth, try storing the tooth in a glass of milk or between the cheek and gums
  • Visit the dentist quickly, if possible, within one hour of the tooth getting knocked out

What to expect

Upon arrival at the dental office, the emergency dentist will carefully clean the tooth to remove foreign materials or germs. They will also clean the tooth socket. If the tooth did not break, the dentist can try to put the tooth into its previous socket.

When a tooth is knocked out, the nerves, blood vessels and surrounding tissues also suffer considerable damage. Dentists cannot repair nerves and blood vessels, which means a root canal therapy will be necessary, either immediately or later. The odds of saving a knocked-out tooth are particularly higher for younger patients. Although it is more challenging to save an adult tooth, it is possible.

Afterward, a dentist will use splints to attach the affected tooth to nearby teeth for support. The splint will stay in place until the root of the tooth reconnects to the bone. It usually takes between three to four weeks, and the healing period may be longer if the bone was affected as well. The tooth will become functional once the process is complete.

If a cosmetic dentist cannot reinsert the tooth or if the patient cannot locate the lost tooth, they will suggest tooth replacement options to maintain the appearance and function of the smile, mitigate bone loss and gum disease and stop nearby teeth from shifting out of place. Depending on the number of teeth affected, the dentist may recommend a dental implant, denture or dental bridge. If the gums need to be reshaped, a dentist may use LANAP, a periodontal laser procedure that uses PerioLase.

In conclusion

Regardless of the pain caused or location of the knocked-out tooth, you need to visit the emergency dentist as soon as the tooth gets knocked out.

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