Popular Options for Replacing Lost Teeth

Replacing Lost Teeth Tucson, AZ

Replacing lost teeth is an effective way to ensure your dental and general health. Many dental issues result from missing teeth. The only way to prevent them is an effective tooth replacement system. If you want to find out the most effective ways of replacing lost teeth, here are the popular options.

Implant-supported fixed bridge

This tooth-replacement system does not replace every tooth with a dental implant. It uses dental implants to support a fixed bridge. This restores the missing teeth in a section of a dental arch. Replacing lost teeth in a full dental arch is also possible with an implant-supported fixed bridge. The number of dental implants will depend on the number of teeth and the type of dental implant.

The dentist can either screw or bond the dental bridge in place. Some dentists choose to screw the bridge on. This makes it easier to remove the bridge for repairs or cleaning. Composite resin will cover up the holes in the dental bridge. Replacing lost teeth this way is effective and stable. This prevents the fixed bridge from wiggling or falling off.

Dental implant

This replaces a missing tooth with a titanium rod, an abutment, and a dental crown. A dental implant is the most stable system of replacing lost teeth. It can prevent dental shifting, more decay, and gum disease. It feels natural, durable, and strong after successful osseointegration. It prevents jawbone loss as well. Regular dental checks and professional dental cleanings can prolong and strengthen dental implants even more.

Tooth-supported fixed bridge

Replacing lost teeth with this tooth-replacement system needs two dental crowns. These two crowns will go on the two natural teeth on opposite ends of the gap. These are the abutment crowns. The dentist will remove the healthy dental structure from these two teeth. Doing so will allow the crowns to fit well.

The dentist will attach the abutment crowns to the artificial teeth. This whole dental replacement is the pontics. The patient can select the material for this restoration. Porcelain, gold, metal alloys, or a combination of these are available options.

Removable partials

This tooth-replacement system can replace at least one tooth in the same dental arch. Replacing lost teeth with this system may involve replacing adjacent or non-adjacent teeth. This dental replacement often comes with a cobalt chrome metal framework. It connects to natural teeth with the help of metal clasps. These clasps provide a strong grip and easy removal as well.

Resin-bonded bridge

This is a resin-bonded bridge. Other names for it are the Rochette bridge or the Maryland bridge. It is an optimal choice for replacing lost teeth in the front part of the dental arch. This tooth-replacement system is fragile. It cannot take the bite and chewing force of the back teeth.

Replacing lost teeth with one of the mentioned popular options can restore your health

It is not healthy to have missing teeth. The other teeth and the rest of your mouth will deteriorate. You can prevent this by replacing lost teeth with any of the mentioned tooth replacements. Your dentist can help you choose the right one for your dental needs.

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