Missing Tooth Replacement With an Implant Bridge

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Tucson, AZ

An implant bridge is one of the multiple tooth replacement options that you get to choose from if you have lost some of your teeth. Dental bridges provide a functional, aesthetically pleasing, long-term replacement for missing teeth.

Unlike a conventional dental bridge that is supported by the real teeth closest to the space made by missing teeth, an implant bridge does not need to be supported by real teeth. It rests on implants that are strategically placed, allowing the dentist to replace multiple missing teeth with a few implants.

This is a major difference, given the fact that teeth used to anchor down bridges are typically covered up with crowns for added stability. The process requires the removal of enamel, which is an irreversible procedure. Those teeth will always need to be covered up with a crown moving forward.

Implant bridges for multiple tooth replacement

Implants bridges are one of the more popular multiple tooth replacement options. They provide a more comfortable solution for missing teeth and do not require making permanent alterations to existing teeth. Inserting implants into a person’s jaw also helps preserve bone tissues after teeth are lost.

Dental bridges are restorations that consist of artificial teeth called pontics that are attached to crowns placed on the teeth closest to the gap. The artificial teeth are made out of porcelain, so they look like real teeth. Porcelain shares the natural white color of teeth and their translucence.

The installation of implant-supported bridges involves strategically placing implants close to the spaces created by missing teeth. These implants can be used to support up to six teeth. About four to six implants can be used to replace one half of the jaw.

Traditional dental bridges can become worn down as a result of tooth decay forming around the teeth used as anchors. This often leads to traditional bridges being replaced every decade on average. After replacing the bridge a few times, the patient might no longer have enough enamel to support a crown.

A better alternative

On average, implant-supported bridges last longer than conventional bridges. The implants used to hold the bridge in place can last a lifetime. When the patient’s bridge eventually becomes worn down, a new set is simply attached to the implant.

The longevity of implants comes from the material they are typically made out of, titanium, and the process of osseointegration. The implants fuse with bone tissues around them, becoming one with the jaw. This helps prevent the bone tissue loss that takes place when teeth fall out.

The benefits of replacing missing teeth with an implant bridge include:

  • Lasts longer than traditional bridges
  • Prevents bone tissue loss
  • Creates natural-looking artificial teeth
  • Prevents teeth alignment issues

Get implant-supported bridges

Dealing with multiple missing teeth? Call or visit our Tucson clinic to learn more about how our dentist can replace your missing teeth with implant-supported bridges.

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