Front Tooth: Repairing a Broken Tooth With Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding Tucson, AZ

Dental bonding is one of the treatments that a dentist might recommend for a broken tooth. It is performed using composite resins that are mixtures of plastics and glass. These composites can be color-matched with the rest of the patient’s teeth, allowing restorations to blend in.

Using composite bonding to repair a broken tooth

Composite bonding leads to great aesthetics, and it is also one of the more affordable dental treatments performed by dentists. It is a quick process that can be completed in as little as 45 minutes for each tooth. The patient’s broken tooth is restored by the time they leave the clinic.

Other treatment options for a broken tooth, like protecting and restoring it with a crown, require at least two trips to the dentist. A crown also costs more than restoring a tooth with composite bonding.

The process

Dental bonding is usually used to fix mild to moderately broken teeth. Dental bonding is not as durable as a crown and cannot handle the same level of bite forces. Dentists often recommend using a crown when a tooth in the back of the mouth is broken, since these teeth are responsible for grinding down foods.

Dental bonding is a great option when one of a patient’s front teeth is mildly broken. The bonding material can be used to rebuild the lost portion of the tooth, restoring its appearance.

Applying composite resin to a tooth does not require any permanent altercations being made to it. The tooth only needs to be roughened with an etching solution so the composite bonds better with it. The dentist might also remove damaged tooth material in or around the tooth before applying a composite to it.

The composite is molded into an appropriate shape that blends in with the rest of the patient’s teeth. A curing light is then used to harden the composite, then other layers of the composite are added until the dentist is satisfied with how the patient’s tooth looks.

The dentist finishes up the process by polishing the restored tooth. This helps keep stains away and makes the restored tooth appear shiny, just like real teeth.

Taking care of teeth restored with dental bonding

Dental bonding can be a great way to treat a broken tooth when the damage is minor to moderate. It does not require specialized care to maintain the restored tooth. Good oral hygiene is all these composites need to remain in good condition. It should be noted that composites are more susceptible to picking up stains than real teeth, so those who have their teeth restored with dental bonding should take extra steps to avoid consuming foods and beverages that stain teeth, like coffee or red wine.

Get your broken tooth repaired

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