Dental Issues Made Worse by Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Tucson, AZ

The earliest humans may have needed wisdom teeth to chew and cut meat and plants, but modern humans can live without these third molars. Most people eventually need to undergo wisdom teeth extraction, since complications are common with these teeth. In this article, you will learn about dental issues that can worsen due to wisdom teeth eruption.

Wisdom teeth complications

Only a few people are lucky enough to get in their wisdom teeth without issues. Patients may not always experience pain, but the developing teeth may have an adverse impact on their oral health. The wisdom teeth can cause or worsen the following dental problems.

Movement and damage of nearby teeth

The final molars may erupt at an awkward angle or horizontally, hitting the remaining teeth. This force can lead to movement and eventually, crookedness. Patients who have undergone previous teeth straightening treatment need to be aware of this so they can have these molars removed in time, if necessary. When these molars hit nearby teeth, it can cause damage and an increased risk of infection.

Tooth decay

Improper teeth eruption can be a breeding ground for bacteria because food can get trapped easily between the gums and tooth. These gaps are difficult to clean because they are inaccessible by toothbrush bristles and even floss, so the trapped food debris contributes to decay. The dentist may treat the decayed tooth with a filling, but this solution is typically temporary. Untreated tooth decay can cause abscesses and necessitate a root canal. It is advisable to extract the tooth and prevent complications.

Gum infection

Impacted wisdom teeth or overcrowding can also contribute to gum disease. Also called periodontal disease, this condition can cause gum pain and inflammation. Without prompt treatment, patients may suffer bad breath and severe consequences, like swelling and the spread of infection. Patients should never ignore gum disease signs, because its effects are reversible in the early stages and treatment is simple. Advanced gum disease is a major reason for tooth extraction because the resulting pain and swelling are often unbearable.


Fortunately, dental cysts do not occur often as a wisdom teeth complication. They tend to be more irritating than painful, but the discomfort should never be overlooked. Cysts are fluid-filled and can cause damages to the nerves and jawbone around the teeth. There is also the risk of cysts developing into benign tumors. Treatment may require invasive procedures, such as bone and tissue removal.

A point to consider

Wisdom teeth complications can cause debilitating pain and oral health complications. Patients need to understand that, like most dental issues, an impacted or problematic wisdom tooth will only cause further trouble without prompt intervention. The optimal time to remove wisdom teeth is before the complete formation of the roots. The extraction process is typically easier then, but a skilled dentist can still perform difficult extractions with minimal complications.

In conclusion

Few things can stop the eruption of wisdom teeth. You may be lucky, and these molars may come in without issue, but it is still advisable to visit the dentist for an evaluation. They can check if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

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