Steps for a Knocked-Out Tooth From an Emergency Dentist

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It is likely shocking and upsetting to discover that you have knocked out a tooth after suffering a severe blow to the face, whether from falling or being struck. By being calm and responding fast, though, you may be able to preserve your tooth and prevent the need for an expensive dental restoration. If you have knocked out a tooth, you should follow the measures highlighted here and see an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

What to do after knocking out a tooth

Having a tooth knocked out can leave most people vulnerable and bewildered. After ensuring that the situation does not require a trip to the emergency room, patients can take the following steps to save their tooth.

Locate and rinse the tooth

Patients should first find the knocked-out tooth. If the tooth is still in the mouth, it is better to leave it intact. If a tooth falls to the floor, pick it up by the crown instead of its root.

Dirt, dust, and other material can cause infections if the tooth is not rinsed properly before reinserting. Rinse the tooth gently in a basin of warm water if it ends up on the floor. Do not rinse it for more than 10 seconds or try to remove any of the organic tissue that may be sticking to the tooth.

Try putting the tooth back in its socket

It is better to do this if the tooth can stay in place. Place the tooth back into the socket with the correct orientation. Do not try to force the tooth back in, as that will only worsen the problem. If anchoring the tooth is successful, try biting down on anything soft and see the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Soak the tooth

If the tooth does not stay in its socket, try not to panic. You can keep the tooth inside the mouth or in a milk container. Growth mediums are available at certain pharmacies, but milk or saliva can do the job just fine. If there is a risk of swallowing the tooth, an alternative is to store it in a cup of spit.

Seek out dental care from an emergency dentist

In a dental emergency, an emergency dentist has the necessary expertise with such cases and can see patients immediately. There is no assurance that the tooth can be saved, but the odds improve if patients act quickly.

Find an emergency dentist

The chances of saving a tooth are higher if the dentist can treat the patient and restore a knocked-out tooth to its socket within one hour. That is why it is wise to save the phone number of a reliable emergency dentist.

Having a knocked-out tooth can be disorienting, but it is important to locate a dentist who will see you immediately. Your regular dentist may not be available the same day, but an emergency dentist can always find time in their schedule for unanticipated patients.

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