Resons to See an Emergency Dentist for a Tooth Infection

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An emergency dentist is aware of the systemic effects of poor dental health. No matter how small, any infection might be a precursor to a much more severe problem. Many different dental problems can develop from an untreated tooth infection. If you develop a tooth infection, read on to learn why you should seek immediate dental care.

Why seek emergency treatment for tooth infection?

Patients who suspect that they have a tooth infection need to visit the emergency dentist for the following reasons.

Avoid the spread of infection

Infection may spread to other body regions if it is allowed to fester in the mouth for too long. For instance, one kind of infection, septicemia, may be fatal in as little as a few days, according to Cleveland Clinic. The infection will spread to the rest of the body through the bloodstream. An oral infection can find its way to the sinuses. Since the sinuses are a moist, warm environment, infections can spread rapidly there.

The teeth's roots are close to the sinuses, and the roots sometimes enter the sinuses. This facilitates bacterial mobility. Some persons can carry a latent infection for a considerable amount of time. Without treatment, their oral health will gradually deteriorate.

Patients may not consider a tooth infection to be life-threatening, but it can be. The bacteria can enter the circulatory system, and they can then reach two of the body's most vital organs: the heart and the brain. It does not take much for an infection to become lethal in one of these areas.

There is usually a window of opportunity of only a few hours to treat an infection that has spread throughout the body. Sometimes, it may still be challenging to eliminate it. Certain antibiotics cannot work because they cannot penetrate the bone tissue barrier in the jaw, for example. Injectable antibiotics are options for dentists who want to ensure that an infection is completely gone.

Any trace of the infection, however minor, can be enough to restart the abscess formation process. If a patient develops multiple tooth infections within 12 months, it may indicate a more severe problem. An emergency dentist can detect any bacteria that may be lurking in the oral cavity.

Maintain general wellbeing

If an infection is not treated promptly, it may spread throughout the body and cause serious complications. Pain all over the body, headaches, exhaustion, and trouble sleeping are a few symptoms that patients may experience. The immune system will be under continual stress due to the infection, which weakens the body's defenses against other ailments.

Prevent tooth loss

When a tooth becomes infected, it may spread to the roots. After that point, the tooth is dead and may require extraction. The alternative might be to undergo root canal therapy. In many cases, the infection can spread to the neighboring teeth if the infected one is not removed.

In conclusion

If you suspect that you have a tooth infection, you should see an emergency dentist immediately. Further infection may be avoided if treatment begins soon. Delaying treatment can also lead to tooth loss.

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