Emergency Dentist Visit for a Cracked or Broken Tooth

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A cracked or broken tooth requires immediate attention from an emergency dentist. Keep reading to find out what a dentist can do to fix your tooth. If you are not suffering any pain, swelling, or bleeding, you may be tempted to avoid going to the dentist. But when discomfort finally kicks in, the damage might have already been done. If a tooth is fractured, the only options are to repair or extract it completely.

The causes of tooth breakage

Physical trauma, significant decay, or biting down on a hard object are potential causes of tooth breakage. Cracks, chips, fractures, and breaks can develop anywhere on the tooth, including at, near, or above the gum line and in any of the tooth's many layers. If the root is impacted, the problem is likely to be deep and difficult to see. The tooth's nerves and blood arteries are also often harmed. The trauma may result in the tooth loosening or being dislodged from its socket.

Saving the broken or cracked tooth

After determining the severity of the damage to the tooth's structure, the emergency dentist will decide to save or extract the tooth. Patients can avoid tooth loss if they act quickly and go to the dentist, as there is often a time frame within which a tooth is salvageable. The dental professional can use composite resin to fix minor chips or cracks in the tooth. If the crack or fracture extends beyond the gum line, the restoration process may be slightly complicated, and saving the tooth may require doing a root canal and placing a dental crown.

Without proper treatment and if the breakage was a result of significant decay, the infection might spread to the gums and jawbone. The infection is often treatable, but not always. Often, the best option for a broken, infected tooth with damaged blood tissue or nerves is to remove it. Patients do not need to worry if the fractured tooth cannot be fixed. The dentist will suggest options for replacing missing teeth that look and feel natural. Dental bridges, implants, and partial dentures are just a few choices that patients can learn about and consider.

The importance of emergency dental care

A damaged tooth can cause significant discomfort, so patients should visit an emergency dentist after experiencing tooth breakage or fracture. Tooth repair success rates improve if patients seek dental care within a few hours following damage. If symptoms like inflammation, swelling, or extreme discomfort occur, a dental appointment is critical because it may indicate a severe tooth infection that can cause tooth loss.

In conclusion

Damage to the tooth enamel that extends down to the gum line may not result in visible bleeding or swelling, but it can cause severe discomfort. There is a high probability that the nerve tissues and blood vessels are also affected, so an emergency dentist should examine the affected tooth as soon as possible. Delaying treatment can only exacerbate the damage and make the injury more susceptible to decay and infection, even if the problem is not urgent and the remedy is straightforward. Make an appointment with the emergency dentist as soon as you can.

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