Are Teeth Bleaching and Whitening the Same?

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Many people want to have teeth bleaching treatments to improve the appearance of their teeth. You may be considering it already. Deciding between dental bleaching and whitening can be tough if you do not know if these terms are different from each other. If you want to know if teeth bleaching and whitening refer to one procedure, here are the facts.

What teeth whitening is

This is a general term for returning the tooth’s color to its natural shade. This means working on the dental surface. Teeth whitening breaks down the stain molecules from the tooth’s surface. It then restores the natural white color of the tooth. Removing black, brown, and yellow stains makes this possible.

Teeth whitening is different from teeth bleaching because this process often happens outside the dental clinic. Most patients prefer using store-bought products. Commercial whitening products are available in the form of mouth rinses and toothpaste. Some patients prefer whitening strips. The results from using these products become evident after many weeks or months. Their effects only last for a short time.

What teeth bleaching is

Most people often treat teeth bleaching like teeth whitening. They are close but not the same. Bleaching can make teeth whiter than their natural color. This makes teeth several shades whiter. The dentist will use carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to make this happen. These compounds allow whitening deep into the tooth’s layers.

Teeth bleaching happens in the dental clinic. It often results in longer-lasting whiteness. The process will last for about an hour. The dentist will apply the whitening gel on the dental surfaces after a complete dental cleaning. Dental bleaching may take one or two rounds.

The patient will wear whitening trays with a high concentration of bleaching agents. These trays will stay in on the upper and lower dental arches. This will allow the bleaching agents to seep into the dental layers. The desired level of white will happen within the dental visit. Good oral care can make the whiteness last for about two years. Regular touch-ups can ensure the prolonged results.

Busy schedules often prevent people from having in-office bleaching treatments. That is why many dentists offer take-home bleaching trays. This can help the patient achieve whiter teeth in the comfort of his or her own home and time. The process may take longer than the in-office treatment.

The in-office treatments are better

Fast results come from in-office teeth whitening or bleaching. Having either treatment in the clinic can ensure the dental health of the patient. The dentist has training and knowledge on what to do. Adjusting the level of white will not result in soft tissue burns or enamel erosion. Doing it at home with online kits will not give the right results.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening and bleaching

Having brighter and whiter teeth is possible at the dentist’s office. The professional treatment is better than the over-the-counter products many consumers buy. The promise is the same, but professional teeth whitening or bleaching is better. Here are the advantages of professional teeth whitening or bleaching:

  • It allows one to smile more often. Brighter teeth show how healthy the person is. This can make the individual smile more often. This makes the person look more approachable and more welcoming.
  • It removes stains. Discoloration happens because of lifestyle and habits. Smoking, eating staining foods, and drinking staining drinks can discolor teeth. Aging can stain teeth as well. Professional teeth whitening or bleaching can correct this problem. The process is custom-fit, and it can whiten teeth based on the patient’s preferences.
  • It reduces bacteria. Whitening products at the clinic can kill off bacteria that can harm teeth and gums. The end result is whiter, healthier teeth.
  • It improves one’s self-esteem. Yellowing or stained teeth can affect the way one interacts with other people. Professional teeth whitening or bleaching can brighten teeth and improve the way the person looks. This can help the person interact with other people more.
  • It makes an individual look younger. Stains make the teeth more prone to decay and bacteria. This makes the person prone to gum disease and tooth decay, which leads to jawbone loss. The result is a sunken look that makes one look older. Professional teeth whitening or bleaching can prevent bacteria from lingering enough to cause damage. It can also extend one’s youthful looks.

Teeth bleaching and whitening can both give you good teeth brightening results

Your journey to whiter teeth may start with teeth whitening first. This will remove superficial staining on your teeth. Getting a teeth bleaching treatment can remove the stains in the deeper layers of your teeth. Seeing your dentist for these procedures can give you efficient and fast results.

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